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mobile field service150.jpgMobile Field Service Management: More Predictive, More Proactive, More Preventive

Find out how mobile field service management solutions can save you money and create new revenue streams

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a mobile wireless industry150.jpg

Making the Mobile App Sale to SMBs -- And Then Keeping It!

A mobile & wireless industry analyst reveals how vendors can overcome small business skepticism about mobile worker applications.

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the view from belmar150.jpgThe View from Belmar: Sandy, Disaster Response, Social Media, and Limiting Future Events

Industry Analyst Brendan Read, a resident of Belmar, N.J. recounts his experience of the days leading up to Hurricane Sandy and how social media was utilized as a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) tool.

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mobile worker app prebuilt150.jpgMobile Worker Applications: Prebuilt or Custom? In-House or 3rd-Party?

An expert mobile and wireless analyst evaluates different approaches businesses can utlize when implementing new mobile software applications for their employees.

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startups shaping150.jpgStartups Shaping Productivity through Next-Gen Workspaces

A unified communications research leader shares insight on a number of startup developers focusing on business, user, or process efficiency and productivity.

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Apple's Projected September 9th iPhone 6 Announcement:  What Will the Impact Be?
Apple's Projected September 9th iPhone 6 Announcement: What Will the Impact Be?

September 4, 2014 // Tags: smartphones Apple iphone

“Customer Experience” Honored More in the Breach Than in Reality?

September 3, 2014 // Tags: consumer contact center customer customer experience customer service

Focusing on the “Customer Experience” should be ob…

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Global Competition for Energy Quickly Rising - What will the US Look Like in 2035?

Interesting data in the NY Times. This impacts the US and the globe on so many levels economically, politically, and socially. …

Re: Aloft Hotels Brings Robotics to Room Service

I am embarrassed to admit, but I think I will be scared to see a robot at my door, especially if I don't expect it. I can pictur…

Aloft Hotels Brings Robotics to Room Service

The Aloft hotel chain, part of Starwood Hotels, just announced that it will be using robots in some of its properties to deliver…

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A Transient 2013 Towards the "Always-On, Anywhere, Anytime and Any Object" Vision

January 31, 2013

The road to the return of analogue waves as form of freedom is long to come. 2013 is a year of tran…

Impact of 'IP-fication' on the Traditional Voice Market

July 24, 2014

The emergence of over the top (OTT) services has changed the rules of the game. Consumer behavior an…

Addressing Mobile Cybersecurity

August 13, 2013

A decade ago when the first rumors of tablet computers began to circulate technology market analyst…

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Parents vs. Big Data: Protecting Our Own

June 5, 2014

A leading expert from from our Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan Big Data & Analytics research practice …

Microsoft's New Surface Pro 3 Tablet: Global Research Director Comments

May 20, 2014

Frost & Sullivan Global Mobile & Wireless Research Director Brent Iadarola comments on the announcem…

Research Director Comments: AT&T LTE Adoption Drives Mobile Data Consumption

April 23, 2014

A leader from our Mobile & Wireless research practice comments below on AT&T's earnings.

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